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My mother was dropping me and my children off at our apartment today and one of my neighbors side swipped her after we pulled into the driveway.  He has no insurance, and the officer told my mother it was her fault cause she was still moving when he hit her. The parking lot is set up in two lanes, the parking lane and the driveway.  She pulled in and stopped and then he backed into her as he was backing out.  I'm trying to figure out why she would be at fault??

Parking lot accidents are always very difficult to assess fault, and some states may have rules regarding them being considered 50/50.  If she was still moving, maybe she was more at fault.  Very hard to prove though, unless you find someone sitting on the porch who actually saw it.  Him not having insurance is a problem though, seems to me Florida was a mandatory insurance state?  

I think you might be out of luck on this one.  Sorry!


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