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I sold a vehicle in February 2014 to a young couple who desperately needed a car right away. I forgot to take my tag off of the car, and when I realized it I couldn't get a hold of them to get it back.  I had immediately dropped the insurance because I had sold the car.  One month later, these people got into a hit and run accident.  Since the vehicle was still registered to me, and there was no insurance on it, the insurance company of the other drover are coming after me.  I realize that I made two very bad choices here, such as not getting my tag, and cancelling the insurance.  But, my question is, is there anyway for these people to take the responsibility of THEIR accident?  What can I do to help myself in this situation?


I am sorry to hear about your problem. If the insurance company has already filed suit against you, you will probably need to retain an attorney as soon as possible to respond.

If the insurance company itself has just contacted you (the adjuster for the other driver), it is possible that you can work directly with them but be careful on what you say or do.

You will need to gather ALL of the evidence that you have regarding the sale of the car and who it went to. Their names, date of sale, address, receipts, EVERYTHING! That will help the insurance company and the Police in tracking down the responsible parties. You also need to get together any evidence you have regarding where you were the night of the accident and if there are any witnesses that could verify your whereabouts.

While it is important to notify the department of motor vehicles when you sell or transfer a vehicle, failure to do that right away does NOT automatically put you at fault for anything that happens afterwards. The fact of the matter is ... YOU were NOT driving the vehicle and should be able to prove it.

Hope this helps!

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