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My leased car was recently involved in and accident my brother was the driver and it turns out he was not on the insurance. I had sent him on and Aron to put new tires on the vehicle and on his way he rear ended someone. My insurance of course say they wouldn't cover me or the other cars in the accident.
My question to you is will my gap insurance that I bought when I leased the car cover my vehicle eaven if the insurance doesn't?

I don't what kind of auto policy you have that wouldn't cover someone that you gave permission to drive.  What it insurance you purchased through the leasing company?  I would suggest finding your policy provisions, and look at the first couple of pages of the fine print.  There it would define "Who is an insured".  Something doesn't sound right here.

Without seeing what kind of policy you have, it's hard to say whether you actually even have GAP coverage.  You need to look at the fine print of the policy. Hope this helps. :)


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