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I work for a housekeeping business and occasionally our cleaners damage something.  We make every effort to rectify the situation but occasionally a client will come back and try to get more out of us. Here's an example. One of our cleaners hit a light pole on a customer's property.  We paid to have the light and the foundation around the light repaired.  Everything was working fine.  6 months later, the client said the light wasn't working and sent us a bill to repair it - claiming the wiring was knocked loose at the time of the incident. We sent a repair person out and the wiring was fine, but the bulb had gone bad.  We want to have our clients sign some kind of a release of liability that the repairs were completed to their satisfaction and we are no longer held liable. Can you help write or direct us to the correct type of form?

Hi Francyn-
I can't help you write the form, but it is a standard release of liability type of thing. It should say that the client agrees that the damage has been repaired to their satisfaction, and that their claim for damage is closed.  Try googling it, there should be something out there that should work for your purposes. Or call your auto or homeowners insurance company's claim department, and ask them if they would provide you with a copy of theirs.  You would have to modify it, but it would be a place to start. :)


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