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Hi Denise,
My question is, if a skunk entered your house, nested and had a baby and during captured by an exterminator it sprayed into the duct of our house distributing the stink throughout the whole house. We contacted our insurance and the initiated work and hired a crew to start tearing down our basement to get rid of the odor. Two days later they ordered a stop until they determine if a skunk is covered under the home owners policy. We are no homeless and staying in a hotel editing for their reply. Please help? Is a skunk, whether it sprayed or not infested our home? Should this be covered ? We have Ameriprise insurance . Thank you!

Bad news Monica-
As I recall, damage caused by vermin is not a covered cause of loss.  Call your agent, I believe they will say the same thing. My suggestion would be to attempt to identify the duct(s) that she sprayed in, take them down, and give them the soap and water treatment.  The smell will fade- eventually. They do have duct cleaning companies, that also do steam cleaning.  Not cheap, but may be the best bet to get your home back.

However, the if the insurance company gave the ok for the crew to start work, they perhaps may be on the hook for the work they did up to that point they stopped.   

Hoping it all works out for you. :)


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