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I actually have two questions so if you see another with my name on it please do not delete thinking it is a duplicate. I live in PA and when my child got their license my insurance agent added them to my policy and doubled my rates. I told my insurance agent that they would not be driving the cars but the agent said that I am not allowed to have them removed and do NOT have any say in it now that they are aware they have a license. Is this true, I have no choice what so ever in not having them added to my policy as a driver?

Hi Paul-
The reason the insurance company has to do this is that your auto policy automatically insures licensed relatives living in your home.  The companies got tired of paying claims with undisclosed youthful operators or those that "never drive the cars" until they have an accident with them.

My suggestion would be to buy an old beater, and designate that as the car the youthful operator drives, something that doesn't need physical damage coverage. Hope this helps. :)


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