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QUESTION: My son was recently involved in an accident in Oceanside, California.  He was hit by another car in an intersection with no stop signs on any of the 4 corners.  I am having a hard time wrapping my head around that scenario, but apparently there are a few of those types of intersections in residential areas.  Neither driver was cited, of course, but my son is a student and has a high deductible ($5,000)so it will hit him pretty hard.  It seems the City of Oceanside should assume some kind of responsibility for this.  I understand sometimes a lawsuit isn't worth the time or money to file, however, does someone need to be killed before this is remedied?

ANSWER: Hi Bonnie-
Uncontrolled intersections are everywhere.  I don't see how the city is responsible.  When approaching any uncontrolled intersection, one is to slow down and look for traffic.  It would seem that neither driver involved did that, or both weren't paying as close attention as they should be.

You can certainly inquire (not sure how exactly, maybe talk to people who live on that corner) as to whether accidents are frequent there.  Kind of hard to make a stink at such a distance, right?  Doubtful a lawsuit would get you anywhere, but if you have money to burn....

Sorry I can't be of more help.


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QUESTION: Thank you for your quick reply.  I am from Ohio (so is he) so we had never seen these intersections before so, although maybe he should have been paying better attention, I understand how it happened.  After doing some research, apparently they are more common than I thought.  I still don't understand them - guess that's just small town intellect, but live and learn . . .

Since he's there, he's the one who should make a stink about it.  This may be a problem intersection.  Won't do him any good after the fact though.

I usually recommended for kids in school to drive a beater car- something they don't need to carry physical damage coverage on.  The premium of course becomes much cheaper with liability only, and since they are riskier drivers, they know if they crash it, they're out of a car, so perhaps it makes them a bit more careful.  And unless their are driving something very very expensive, a $5000 deductible is out of reach for most.

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