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Insurance Law/Form CG2144 in general liability coverage


Does CGL form CG2144 limited coverage to specific premises, eliminate social or athletic activities aeay frim premises sponsored by insured .  Example a daycare center having award day for the children away from covered  pemises. Is it excluded?

Yes, it does appear to exclude coverage off premises.  Here is something I found that explains it:

Limitation of Coverage to Designated Premises or Projects

As the name suggests, the Limitation of Coverage to Designated Premises or Projects (CG 21 44) extends liability protection to ONLY the location or project listed. The gap created by this endorsement is obvious; if the location or project is not specifically listed, there is no coverage.

Insured’s that have a location or conduct any business, activity or operation away from the stated premises or project may have an uncovered exposure. If this endorsement is present and an off-premises event is held, there is no coverage – unless it can be proven the other location was necessarily incidental to the listed location. Additionally, there is no coverage for a new location until the insurer is notified and the location is added (potentially negating the policy’s “newly acquired” wording).

This exclusion is most often seen where the insured is real-estate based and location specific. Examples include condominium associations or apartments. But its use is not limited to these risks, in fact it can be found attached to a number of different types of risk. Non-profits seem to be particularly subject to this limitation.

Unfortunately there is no alternative to this endorsement that can be offered to the underwriter. Anytime an agent is faced with this exclusion, he should make every effort to have the exclusion removed to avoid a possible gap.

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