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February 14, 2015 I had a fire in my house it was caused by my fireplace failing I had minimum damage by the fire but major smoke damage
I called my insurance agent in a send out an adjuster
I've been working on my house for over 20 years working on myself marble slab showers fireplaces with waterfalls and hand cut and scrape aspen logs in master bedroom
My adjuster  acknowledge all the custom work I have done in my house you met with your company is doing that mitigation and told him what he wanted done I called it structural engineer and had him come up to look at the damage and give me an inspection any adjuster called them off two days after the fire and then instructed the cup is doing a mitigation to keep the house he in with the heater until the engineers report had came make a long story short it to 35 days and I ended up with the bill over $10,000 just for heating my adjuster came back and instructed us to tear everything out of the house to the studs even my marble showers countertops etc. The owner of the mitigation company ask the adjuster if I was going to have any problems with coverage limits he said no
I just received my estimate after three months and now they tell me I'm over my dwelling limits what can I do

Hi Mark-
Your third paragraph wasn't really quite understandable.  I'm guessing that after you made major improvements in your home, you didn't contact your insurance company to raise your dwelling limit?  So now that you have had smoke damage, they are paying for the base house that your dwelling was set at, which didn't include the improvements, since you were only paying for a basic inflation increase in value, which didn't include fireplaces with waterfalls and had cut and scraped aspen logs?

Not clear why marble showers have to come out, if this is just smoke damage, unless the drywall and everything behind it was smoke soaked too.  Sorry, but I think your first problem wasn't maintaining your fireplace; the second, not increasing your dwelling limit to account for your improvements, and expecting that the coverage would be the same.  I'm not clear on how smoke damage would damage marble.  If the smoke was intense, it would certainly soak into drywall.  Sorry I can't be of more help.  :)


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