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We have full physical custody of our granddaughter and shared legal custody with her mother. Our granddaughter recently got her drivers permit in California.  We have contacted our insurance company and have signed a provision for a permitted driver on our policy.

Her mother wants her to be able to drive with her in mothers car. I am requesting some sort of proof for coverage from mothers car. Mother has no assets and recently was in bankruptcy. We have assets.  

If the child gets in an accident who will liable for damages if she's with mother in mothers auto?

Hi Michelle-
Auto insurance coverage follows the owner of the vehicle, so there is no coverage under your Personal Auto policy if your grand daughter is driving her mother's vehicle.  Her mother would have to have her own auto insurance, and should have her daughter listed as an occasional operator.  Sorry, but there is no protection for your daughter under your policy.

Hope this helps. :)


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