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I am driving a 2006 Honda Element.  This car belonged to my late brother. It now has a bit over 60,000 miles.  My brother believed that a car rolled back while waiting for a light change at a highway exit. Based on my experiences of over 47,000 miles I would disagree.  This vehicle has attempted 253 times to go forward. As the tachometer races past the 4000 rpms, I quickly put the car in neutral. Despite 4 trips to the dealership, they have not experienced this problem and their computer check finds no problems. They have had the car for 3 days and drove it over 100 miles.  This does not surprise me, as it has ONLY HAPPENED 253 times randomly in 47,000 miles!!!!!A low percentage as long as you are not behind the wheel!!!!!  I have reported this to the federal highway safety people long ago.  Any help would be appreciated. I thank you. And good luck on your exam.

Not sure how I can help you from a insurance standpoint.  As a trouble shooter, what I would try to do is look at the car schematics as to how the fuel injection system is controlled, as I would think that the trouble is in the fuel injector or what could also be called something like a Throttle position sensor.   Have you contacted Honda directly?  Since this is so similar to the Toyota problem, they might be very very interested in looking at it.

It would also be worth looking to find forums regarding the vehicle, and inquire as to whether anyone else has uncontrolled acceleration issues.

Sorry I can't be of more help. :)


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