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My father left me life insurance and my mother went down to the insurance company and forged my name getting them to issue the check to her. They should have obtained I D before issuing the check and my mother cashed the check. The insurance company said I had to get the money from the bank, but the bank said, I had to get the money from the life insurance company. Isn't the life insurance company liable to pay me the money because they issued it to the wrong person?

Your mother committed the crime of forgery.  You will need to call the police, and probably get an attorney.  I believe an attorney could indeed argue they had no right to issue the check to someone who was not the beneficiary.  Then she committed the crime by taking it the bank and forging your name.  You could try to do it pro se, on your own, but that depends on how savvy you are.

Good luck, sucks to have a mom like that.  


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