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Interfaith Relationships/Christian-Muslim In Love


wendyrose wrote at 2012-11-24 23:25:49
Hello... I too am in the same kind of situation. I see your original post is from years ago. I was wondering how this relationship turned out for you and if you can give me some advice. I recently started a blog that anyone who know  me does NOT know exists. If you could check it out and leave your thoughts, I would appreciate it.


wendyrose wrote at 2012-11-24 23:27:21
My blog address is:

Interfaith Relationships

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Le Anne Clausen


I can answer questions about interfaith relations, particularly Christian-Muslim. This includes efforts in this country and internationally, especially the Middle East. I can answer about interfaith efforts for peacemaking and social justice issues, and I can offer advice on how to begin your own interfaith dialogue or cooperation efforts. I can answer some but not all questions about Christianity's and other religion's perspectives towards engaging in interfaith relations


I have an MA in Christian-Muslim relations and I was a human rights worker for four years in the Middle East, including Israel/Palestine, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan. I have also spent time in Central Asia, including Iran and Afghanistan. I am currently working to create an interfaith peace-teams based human rights organization.

I have an MA in Christian-Muslim relations and am also an ordained Christian minister.

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