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Hello, i was given this site by a friend who said it would be very helpful and i came across your profile. I am a trading agent/ broker in the oil and gas industry with specific interest in the sale or purchase of petroleum products like AGO, D2, PMS and light crude oil but for a very long time, i have been unable to locate prospective buyers, sellers and partners. It has really been frustrating for me.I have tried many b2b sites but it has not been helpful i any way.Please how do i get connected to the right people in my field?How do i get prospective buyers, sellers and partners or even smaller oil companies who deal i this products and need a broker's service besides I am a very enterprising fellow and a good negotiator. I know how to close a deal and bring business to a favorable conclusion with all parties smiling. Please help.Thanks.

Hello Christopher:
Our company deals primarily with Brazil-USA business, we (on purpose) do not concentrate on industries (fields).  We do have some clients who are in the "oil & gas" field, usually selling smaller equipment and items.
To broker actual oil products we found to be very difficult, as the big players do not like to deal with (or through) third parties.
We have found that the secret to success is to specialize in something that you are good at, and stick to that specialty.  The web today is a wonderful way for prospective clients to find you, we use it extensively.  When Brazilian businesses need help in the USA, we want them to find us and contact us, and our marketing effort has been built on that premise.
So if your target clients are Nigerian purchasing managers, define what services or products they need that you can provide, and go sell that.  Just being a "broker" may not be enough.  Specialize, specialize, specialize.
Hope this helps, write to my email if I can be of further assistance.

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