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I have facilitated many high money deals over the last few years and always get screwed at the end of the day because I dont know how to go about insisting on commission on these deals. What percentage should I ask? A one time amount? Or ongoing? I am still involved usually managing the smooth running of the companies and still act as facilitator even after the initial negotiations are complete. Is it better to have equity in these businesses? What percentage? or receive a monthly fee?



Thank you for your question.

I cannot advise what % commission you should be asking as that will be determined by what the market and your client(s) will bear.

You may be well served to speak to others in your marketplace doing similar work to determine what they are charging so you can ensure your fees are competitive and in the range of the marketplace.

If I were in your place I would definitely require a retainer in advance, thereby ensuring I am compensated and if I were to be involved in anything further after the broker services were rendered I would require an additional percentage.

Best of luck with your ventures


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