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Dear Christian

Can both Non Executive and Independent Directors play an active
role during mergers and acquisitions ?.

Example :

Company A (Parent, Acquirer, Merger-er) , Company B (Secondary, Acquired, Merged).

Case 1 :

Company A and Company B both have Non Executive and Independent Directors.

Case 2 :

Company A has Non Executive and Independent Directors,
Company B do not have Non Executive and Independent Directors.

Case 3 :

Company A do not have Non Executive and Independent Directors, Company B have Non Executive and Independent Directors.

Awaiting your reply,

Thanks & Regards,
Prashant S Akerkar

Dear Prashant -

My apologies for this tardy reply.

As always, fact patterns are dependent on the details.

To give a precise reply, you will need to explain what jurisdiction applies, i.e., where are these companies incorporated and where is the m&a event taking place?  Laws of the governing jurisdiction will determine issues like this.   

You have asked general questions - so, in general, no, non-executive and independent directors do not play an active role during m&a events.  It is precisely their "non-executive" and "independent" functions that make them less or not at all "active."

Again, the specifics of your transaction will determine the answer  - if you'd like a more specific answer, please provide more details, especially those pertaining to which jurisdiction governs.

Thanks much for your question!

Christian Eades  

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