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Hello Michael. This is Tufail from Pakistan. I have recently setup my energy / environmental / safety consulting business here ( and competing with several consulting giants in the field. I don’t mean to get frustrated by their outreach or volume of business but just intend to generate some work regularly to keep business running.  My question: is there some kind of magic that I can cook up using marketing so that I could keep my business running and ultimately grow with it?
Tufail Ali

Hi Tufail Ali,

there is certainly no 'one-for-all'-solution.

I am a 'one-man-show' concentrating myself on SMEs and I am fighting since 1991 also agianst giants in my filed.

However, through my Lord and Savior in Heaven I always get orders when I really need them. So to get into a relation with Him is truly the only solution I could tell you to be 'on the safe side' - whatever your needs are. He will care, according to your needs and prayers.

Blessings - Michael

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