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I am working in Medical Equipment nd instrument focused on Ophthalmic consumable poducts especialy Intraocular Lens, Dispoable Microsurgical knife and IOL Injector, I wil highly appreciate if you could help me and let me know how coud I find the maufacturers od said items in Europe (Germany, Netherlands, France, etc.) and Japan. For your information searching in internet, could not meet my satisfaction.

Best regards,
Nasser Ekhlas

Hi Nasser,

if I were you I would do various steps:

1. try to find out the respective European associations or professional grups of such producers or
2. translate the respective keyword into the respective foreign language and search the internet for producers, as I have done here e. g. for gemany >

"producer" in German is "hersteller"

3. look whether they have possibly some english webinformation

and off it goes

Best regards


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