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QUESTION: How can I make sure that the company that is officially registered and the fact that the company is not a company or a fake?

ANSWER: Hello Sara -

First, I'm very, very sorry for the delay in sending you a response.

Second, I need more information to answer your question.  Where is this company "officially registered?"  What makes you believe it is "officially registered?"

All the best,

Christian Eades, Esq.   

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Dear Mr.Christian Eades

Thanks for your reply

I,m work as broker and i have contact with company some located in Egypt and some out Egypt and i would like to know the steps to close deal on commodities trade like , sugar , urea and oils

wait your reply
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Hello again Sara,

Sounds to me like you need to do some basic "due diligence" steps to make sure, as much as you can, that these companies are legitimate.

So, due diligence involves: their willingness to answer all your business questions (they should not hesitate), "open source" internet research, proprietary (paid subscriptions) business trade publications/newsletters, business reputation (what do others in this business niche say about them), financial information you have about them and your own good judgment, i.e., is a certain company CAPABLE  of doing a specific deal, based on what you know about them.

By the way, where are you doing business?

Egypt is a high risk country for business fraud and corruption, so as a rule, be very careful and  cautious.

Let me know if you have further questions, Sara!

Christian Eades, Esq.  

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