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We are an automobile company dealing worldwide in all types of vehicles with a wide selection of new and used, both RHD and LHD that will fit any budget. We constantly seek and procure the finest cars. We also provide services like purchasing through our Auction Accounts, sales and distribution of wide range of vehicles with our intimate knowledge and experience.
We procure cars from united states and export it to UAE. We use auto-logistics services.
We are trying to low our shipment cost. We have an idea of utilizing the inside space of the cars. We are trying to find the products, which are in high demand in UAE, that can be procure from united states. We can bring those products in UAE by putting them inside the vehicles that are loaded in containers. Can any expert tell me what products we can bring in the vehicle, which are in high demand in UAE. That should be small in size. Product could be anything. Please help us. Thanks

I'm not based in the UAE so cannot answer the specific question.

But here're my thoughts:-

1) You contact a company in the UAE that imports products from the US and find out if they'd be interested in using your transit method.

2) Consider the ramifications of your method of shipping.  You will have to provide insurance, take the risk that what is declared on the package, is what it claims to be, act as export and import agent (doing the clearances) and risk that somebody might include "liquids", "combustibles", and/or "contraband" that could damage the vehicle (in the case of contraband, it would subject your vehicles to a thorough (meaning the doors will be cut open) search), and of course, seizure of the vehicle which is the main reason you shipped it in the first place.  

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