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I have recently entered the import/ export industry and do not have much experience. I am looking to start my own import/export firm that specializes in importing and exporting alcohol coffee and olive oil. How would I go about finding a great coffee supplier in brazil and can you tell me a little about the process as I am very interested.Thanks

Hello Lou:
I take it you want to import packaged roasted coffee, in grains or ground.  Unless you are able to distribute large quantities, you probably will have to sell under the producer's brand.

To start, i suggest you attend coffee trade shows such as Coffee Fest ... many Brazilian smaller producers exhibit there, and you can compare their products and prices on the spot.  The site is

As far as the actual import process, U.S. Customs has materials on how to do that.  Coffee is food, more regulated than other items.

Depending on how much you know about importing in general, you may want to buy reference books ... a great source of used books is, where you can buy many titles for $3 each.  Be alert to the publishing date, stay with books from (say) 2005 and newer.

Hope this helps, all the best!
Rene C. Duvekot

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