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hello, my name is lucia mokobi , i'm 17 years old, living in Canada and is planning on studying in England after i graduate high school ( next year). my question is,how hard will it be for me studying there alone ?

Dear Lucia,

Thanks for your question!  It's good that you are preparing well ahead of time for your future studies.  The research and reflection that you do now will be very useful to you next year when your university studies become a reality.

Many students find it hard to adapt to a new reality when studying abroad, but keep in mind that even if you attend a university near your home, there will be a lot of adaptation needed, and some days that will seem hard, too.

You will be facing culture shock, which is a normal feature of moving to a new country or context, and some people find that time of adjustment harder than others do.  Keep in mind that all your fellow students are also adjusting to the new environment and don't be afraid to talk it over with them.  Soon you will have friends and allies helping you learn the best ways to get along in your studies.

Please write again to ask if you have some more specific questions.


Nancy Longatan

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