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dear Nancy , I have some confusing question for long time of research need your expertise to answer me if you mind

1- the scholarship concept , specially for international candidate , for whom the scholarship ll be given ? why ? can someone apply for a scholarship on major different of his basic major for instance if I have bachelor degree of engineering can I apply for scholarship on arts and drama or psychology ?

2- some countries like Scandinavian countries give a free scholarship for international students the question whats the benefits they earn from giving someone free scholarship ? noticed that sometime no high requirements or qualification for applying ?

3- whats the concept of financial aid given by universities and collage , what they gain to finance someone from another country study on their country ?

4- can I apply on a study master program on a field without bachelor degree on that field ? for instance if I have a degree on Eng , can I apply on master program on business or arts ?

5- internship concept , after lot of researches I found that the major internship is offered for students , does internship made for students only ? if I m a professional 30 yrs old aged  can I apply for internship ?

6- there are lot of scholarships and study program on progressive countries like Scandinavian , USA , UK , Canada , Australia  , NZ  , Switzerland , Germany ............................... , how can I differentiate ?

7- I have a degree on engineer work on HR areas and being experienced , talented on arts and live in developed country had 30 yrs old , need to join any study program on arts or engineering psychology , but I couldn't endure to study for long years again , so is that a diploma or specific kind of international studies let me access mentioned field where the duration of the program not exceed 1.5 yr ?

hope you answer my question with guide and advise noticed that you don't compulsive to answer all questions above ,  please if you cant answer all , answer the question related to your area of expertise only

thanks and best regards

Dear Aob,

Thanks for your questions.  I hope I can help you at least a little bit.  In general, scholarships and financial aid are given to enable students to pursue studies.  Both at the institutional level, the college or university, and at the national level, the philosophy is that students from many countries bring interesting viewpoints and strengths to the institution, which is a benefit to all their classmates.  That's why there may be scholarship or financial aid monies available.

Each university will have different rules for who may qualify for a particular degree in a particular field.  Some will allow students with lower degrees in another field to apply for a higher degree.  Sometimes it is even different within universities at different departments.  You will have to read carefully the qualifications and application procedures for each program you would like to apply to.

Also, each internship program will have its own eligibility rules.  You will have to read each one to make sure they will accept your application.  However, it is likely that you will find some programs to apply to.

It is difficult to narrow down all the possible study programs in the world to a few that you can apply for!  I suggest you make a list of the items that are most important to you and then look for programs that meet your needs.  Then choose from among those the ones that seem ready to consider your qualifications when you apply.  It takes a lot of research before you find the program that is right for you, but if you keep trying I think you can find a good place.

Best of luck!

Nancy Longatan

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