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todde kelly wrote at 2015-07-03 00:52:40
I solved the formatting problem with following steps here:

method one:

1. Go to Disk Management.(Right click the My Computer icon and select the item Manage)

2. The flash drive is listed at the bottom of the Windows. Right it and select New Simple Volume. Then follow the wizard.

3. The the drive will be formatted.

method two:

if the Disk Management can't help, you should format it with Command Prompt. It's still easy to format it with cmmand line.

1. click Start button and type cmd in the search both and press Enter

2. Type command diskpart on the black windows and press Enter key

3. Continue typing disk 4. Type create primary partition and hit Enter

4.  type in Command prompt format /FS:FAT32J

mehod three:

check and repair bad sector for the drive. Then format it under My Computer.

If all these method can't help fix the Windows was unable to cimplete the format error, then it gets physical damage and you have to buy a new one.

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