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After hours of reading and experimenting, I am stumped as to why bit torrents are so hard to use and find.

For example,regardless of the bit torrent client software I use,  I search {song title} or {artist} on any given torrent search site or even Google "filetype:torrent ......" and I get these incomprehensible redirected links to sites, not files, that do not lead me to any sort of file list as in a good old fashioned table of contents or file list.

Is there some secret to finding files with out all the "noise".

Maybe you could explain or send me to an site to enlighten me.

Hi William,

Torrents can be hard to find, especially due to its illegal nature.
Okay, so you have your bit torrent client ready. Now there are quite a few sites you can go to directly download .torrent files such as songs, movies, games, etc.

These are the sites I use most often. Just type in the search box of those sites, click on a certain link from the list that appears (with high seeders and maybe a symbol of trustworthiness) and click the download link. A pop-up should show up, asking you to either save the file or open it with "your torrent client". If it sends you somewhere else, it's not the right link.
Open it with client, and there you go! :) You just have to wait until the download is done.
Be careful, hopefully you have an antivirus software to protect you from files with trojan and such.

Good luck, and don't hesitate to follow-up if there's anything!  

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