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Hi there!

Embarrassingly, I have to admit that I'm addicted to Facebook games, haha.

Anyway, after recently downloading updates for Windows 7 I started encountering problems with some of the games I play. What's happening is that when the game loads, the bottom margin of the game seems to have been cut out.

For some of the games, changing the zoom percentage of the web page solves the problem, but for some other games it doesn't.

I would rather not have to change the zoom size every time I want to play, so are there any settings I can change to make all of my games fit?

Hi Ted,

I've never experienced that problem before, so I might not hold the answer to your question, but here are some suggestions.

What browser do you use? You could download Safari, Firefox or Google Chrome, etc. and maybe the game will fit better.
Adobe flash could be the problem. In that case, you should try to re-download and install it manually (uninstall the old one). You could also try to install an older version of flash.

Good luck!

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