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I didn't know where else to ask this.  On my facebook page, I go into the settings and can block people that aren't my friends from seeing my profile page, but I heard that they can still see my photos and what town I live in.  I don't like the thought of someone I don't know going through my pictures and location.  How do I block people that aren't my friends from seeing my photos?

Hi Olivia

You have two main methods of making sure that only friends can view your profile and photos.  You can even make photos completely private.

On the main main, there is an arrow beside HOME.  Click that and go to privacy settings.  There you can change default privacy settings, blocking anyone who isn't a friend or only blocking certain friends under CUSTOM.   If you go through each of the options below, such as Timeline & Tagging, you can customise your privacy, blocking people from tagging you etc.

As for your photos.  Simply open one of your photos, click edit and the button beside "finished editing" allows you to edit the privacy of your photos and albums.

If someone else has a picture of you and try to tag it, your privacy settings should now allow you to deny their request.  They can still put the photo up (untagged) but you are able to contact them and Facebook if you wish the photo to be removed.

I hope I have been clear and will provide further assistance if needed.


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