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Follow-up on Question 6 in my "Nomenclature" inquiry.
As I indicated, I see this bar only in my WIN98 OS. When I fist purchased this, I also got a Norton Internet Security program. I frankly was still new to my own personal system - as contrasted to that at work, where security was handled by others - and did not particularly concern myself with upgrading. Now, of course, current security systems are not compatible with WIN98. I comfort myself by saying, who is going to hack a WIN98 system today? ANYhow, I also noted that while running on an already relatively slow landline modem, my status bar shows me all the tracking trash cluttering things up. Is there any  (free?) security system that would still be compatible with my Norton - ie, would not require my disabling Norton to install/use it - that would allow me to SPECIFICALLY designate cookie-installation sources that I DON'T want gaining access. I know I do need to have some cookies - eg Amazon, my drop-down eddress menu, etc. - to help expedite things, so just canceling cookies indiscriminately would not be efficient. And one-at-a-time after-the-fact doesn't work because they get reinstalled the next time you're on. So I would like to block them BEFORE they waste my time being installed.
Any thoughts?


Is there a reason you want to restrict cookies? I would leave it as is or clear them on a occasional basis. They don't take up much space and most are harmless. To read up more about this and how to clear it in Internet Explorer or Firefox, go to:

Win98 is a very outdated system as good as it was back then (at least Win98 Second Edition). I wouldn't rule out not getting hacked just because it's outdated. That's why keeping your security programs up-to-date is very important. With that said, I don't know a lot of programs that will still support an old OS that has a cookie blocker feature in it.


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