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QUESTION: Hi Angela,

I plan on eventually creating a few affiliate marketing websites, plus maybe a few websites selling my own products with articles.
Can I use Wordpress and create some presentable websites, or should I learn and use a program like Dreamweaver? Dreamweaver is within my budget, but is the learning/frustration curve worth it over the simplicity of Wordpress?

I saw someone on Youtube using "Artisteer" to create Wordpress themes but she said there was a ton of code. Some of the commenters had problems with Artisteer also. I thought you used just Wordpress itself to create a website.

Why would one need to use HTML if they can create something professionally presentable with Wordpress WYSIWYG? I read where one can use both Wordpress and Dreamweaver together. Do you agree, and if so, should a beginner in creating their own websites stick with just Wordpress for awhile or use just a limited amount of Dreamweaver's advanced tools when working with Wordpress at the same time to eliminate any confusion between the two applications?
I read some folks didn't like the TinyMCE editor in Wordpress but I think Ultimate TinyMCE Editor is on the market now. Are you still recommending Wordpress, at least for beginners?

Thank you very much.


ANSWER: Hi, I'm so sorry for the delay in responding, but I've been out of action due to ill health.

I am a firm believe in Wordpress for the beginner. Both my daughter and husband have set up their first websites with Wordpress and picked it up very easily. You can download some amazing templates and plugins for it that can make your site(s) do exactly what you want.

The only downside is that it's quite resource-intensive, so the more plugins you use, the slower your site will be, unless you have a very good host/server!

There are plenty of HTML editor plugins for Wordpress apart from TinyMCE, so you may want to mess around with a few before you settle on one.

Artisteer is only one of the programs available to create Wordpress themes - I tend to purchase/download ready-made ones so that's one less thing to worry about. I would set up your website first and get used to Wordpress before you think about the look of the site, but you can download a lot of free themes and plugins here:
and/or by performing an internet search.

Another excellent medium for creating websites is Joomla, although it's more complex and difficult to get the hang of, but there are also tons of themes and plugins available for it if you wanted to go that way. There is a demo on the Joomla website:

All-in-all I would recommend Wordpress to any beginner, but it's really a matter of personal choice and what you can manage.

Sorry I couldn't be of more help.


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thank you so much for your previous reply Angela.

Is Wordpress and Joomla powerfull enough to set up a frame or page which will allow clients/patients to click and download a "patient intake/history form" that they can have completed and sent back to me before I arrive at their home? I will be starting a house call acupuncture practice later this year.

Thank you greatly again.


Hi, it's possible to embed download links within any post using either. Wordpress allows you to upload items and embed them automatically in your posts, and you can find useful plugins for creating forms if you would prefer them to fill out the questionnaire online. Here's the one I always use for Wordpress:

I can't think off-hand of any for Joomla as I haven't used it much, but there's bound to be something similar out there.

Hope this helps!

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