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QUESTION: On a desktop PC (windows XP) one can browse to a web page that has
e.g. links (hot spots) to other web pages.  If you "hover the mouse pointer"
over this link, without actually "going" there, you can see the web page(URL)
that you would be going to.  Is this same thing available/possible on a
hand-held device(s), such as iPods, iPads, Androids, iPhones, Androids,
etc and etc and etc!??  If so, how does a hand-help device user choose
between "just hovering" and actually "going" to this page?  Obviously, I am
a desktopper only guy,,,,I know little about these hand-held devices!! thanx!


Unless the device has a mouse cursor feature (like a Blackberry) you won't be able to hover over the link. You will need to click on it to open up to see the actual link/URL.


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: How do you "click" on such a device!!? with what?! when my friends use their
hand-helds,  one hand holds the device the other hands' fingers "touch" its screen!

I thought I read somewhere that one can "finger tap" on the link,,,,one tap
"opens" (i.e., displays the URL but doesnt "go there")  two taps (ie a "double
tap") actually goes to the URL and now you are on/at this URL link.
Would THIS be the equivalent of what you would do with a "mouse pointer" on
a PC!?   I see my friends "tapping" on their hand-held devices a lot,,,,but with a screen
so small, how in the world can you/they be sure they have "one tapped" or
"two tapped"!??  I cant use these small screens as my fingers are TOO BIG AND FAT!
The danger I see is: if one wants to "just see the URL" (web page) and not actually go
there,  and "in error" does a double tap,,,he/she could GO TO a page that "is not
healthy" to/for the user!!  AND: the font size on the screen of this "link" is so  small
how can one be sure he is even "tapping" on it at all!!??
Do I make sense on this!?

ANSWER: Yes, when I say click, I meant they tap it with their finger.

Different devices will vary in how you open up the link. Since you mentioned Android phones and iPhones which are the more popular ones, it's a single tap.

You can zoom in on the screen by using two fingers and expand the window to increase size. So basically there is a "zoom" feature so they can see the text. If they want to see the actual link, I would suggest that you create a link that shows the entire link itself instead of a keyword description for the link.

Are you developing a webpage for this? Just curious what lead you to ask this question so I might be able to provide a more concrete reply.


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: No webpage for me,,,,when I am on my PC, I sometimes get junk/spam/hacker
etc email, that usually has a "click on this link" to eg "go to my bank account!" or similar dribble/crap.  If I hover the mouse on it, I can see
immediately Id be going to a webpage that has nothing to do with eg
"Union Bank", but one the bad guy wants me to open and type stuff in.
So, I NEVER click to "go there", just "hover" to see the URL he/she WANTS me to go to.  Thats usually proof, it is a fraud (I reported one just recently to my bank).   I just was curious if hand-held device users run into this same thing,,,and are wise enough to "maybe peek" but never actually "go"
to that link.  Til a few years ago, I would sometimes "go to these link places" and all hell could/would break loose! So,now, without hurting oneself, one can still be curious, to see whats going on. Thank you. I will rate your replies after I get your next one!  bob

If it's for an Android phone, you should be able to tap on the link and hold it down for like 2-3 seconds. It will display a list of actions you can take. But right above that it should show the link also.

I want to say something similar should be for the iPhone but I don't have an Apple device to test this with and confirm.

But if it's a device that uses a mouse cursor like the Blackberry, it will show the link when you hover over it so it's similar to a desktop PC.

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