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Hello, Steven

I've noticed that some websites have the # symbol at the end of the url (e.g. )

What does it mean and what uses does it have?

What would be the differences between the hashed and non-hash versions of a url?

I'm confused because the hash sign doesnt seem to redirect to a different page. Actually it doesnt
change the contents of a url, it stays the same with or without the hash symbol

Thank you

Hi Jake

Thanks for the question.

I can get very technical with what this means but I will try to make it as simple as possible.  The hash symbol (#) is called a 'Fragment Identifier'.  It introduces a short string of characters that refers to a resource (or section) of a primary resource (or section).

There are many many uses for this, some of them are extremely technical and will never be used by people who do not understand hypertext in computing.  

A basic example would be a website which has a FAQ section.  In this section there would maybe be a section called 'Contact'.  If the page has been coded properly, then you would be able to add #Contact at the end of the URL and when you visit the page, it will immediately transfer you to that particular section.  

I can get into more detail if you wish.  I hope you understand with that example.

Thanks very much

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