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QUESTION: Hello Angela.
Promise you won't laugh at my ineptitude or my choice of music! Britney Spears (I said don't laugh!) made a lot of unreleased songs that have never appeared on any CD, but are available on Youtube and other sites often with fans' homemade videos. How would I go about downloading the songs on to a CD, not the videos, just the tunes to play on a CD player? For example there's a great one called "Dramatic" I can listen to it on my PC, but I'd like to download it to a CD. None are available from itunes or any site like that.

ANSWER: Hi, unfortunately, unless you've purchased it, it's illegal to download and use it, sorry.

Thanks for your question.

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QUESTION: But they're not available to buy, they were never released. And yet they've been posted on the web, some many times, with accompanying homemade videos. It obviously can be done legally, but my lack of knowledge prevents me from downloading them to a CD.
Ill put it another way; if a group of people get together and form a band playing in their garden shed and post a video on Youtube or some other similar site, would it be legal to download their songs, not the video, just the audio on to a CD. If so how is it done ? In my case it's Britney Spears' unreleased songs, no different from the unreleased songs from the garden shed musicians.

If they are not available to buy, i.e. never released, then the artist never meant them to be distributed. To do so is illegal. If they have been posted on the web by anyone other than the copyright holder and without their permission, it has been done so illegally and they should be reported.

If someone was freely distributing your creations without your consent, I can't imagine you would be too happy, especially if you wanted to make money from them. I'm not going to tell you how to download them because you can get into serious trouble.

A band posting their music video online will not approve of people downloading it, stripping the music from it, and putting it onto a CD. They have the right to say how their stuff is distributed, and if they don't release it onto CD, then you don't have the right to do it yourself.

Please read the following very carefully as your ISP can track your site visits and downloads:

I don't mean to be rude, but you need to know how serious it is to download music you haven't purchased, and how much easier it's becoming for ISP's to track your online presence and report you to the authorities.

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