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Hi, I've got this bar at the bottom of my computer. It says Links and then there's the links to: Bing Traffic, Free Hotmail, MSN, MSN Entertainment, MSN Money, MSN Slideshow, MSNBC, My MSN, Explorer Suggested Sites and Web Slice Gallery
I don't know how this got these or what to do to get rid of it. It's UNDER the Start button and THAT's just annoying, I dont use or nor do I want it. I use Firefox and Chrome, not IE.

There's also a bar at the top with Windows links but I can't find any of these toolbars in my Install/Uninstall applications..thanks for any help!

I assume the bar at the bottom is where your start menu is located? If so, right click on a blank area in the toolbar and go to Toolbars and then uncheck Links.

Where are you seeing the bar at the top? Is this in IE? I wouldn't even bother with it if you are not using IE. But otherwise, you should be able to right click on a blank area in the IE toolbar and remove the Links there also.


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