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In order to tweet someone do you have to have their Twitter address at the start of the message? For example:
@johnsmith Hello John . . . Regard Richard

Or is there a way they can be tweeted via their twitter site without having the address in the message? It is just that their address takes up character space and this is very limited as it is.

If there address is needed at the start of the message, is what I have in the above example correct where I have a space after their address and before my message?

My Twitter address is @rghole . Could you possibly send me a message to make sure my account works.

Your help will be appreciated,
Regards Richard.

Hi Richard - good question!

Twitter is more of a "broadcast to all" service, in that you "tweet" a message, and everyone who "follows" you can see the tweet.  Putting the "@" symbol in front of a users name is a way to "mention" that user, although it won't be a direct message.  The user could see the tweet if they're looking for it, and admittedly most power users do.

To message someone directly, use the "direct message" feature of twitter.  Here are a few resources to help:

I hope this helps - Ken

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