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Howdy, Kevin - AGAIN
Because this is mainly a "Yahoo" problem, you may not be able to help. I have had miserable luck in trying to deal with Yahoo on line in the past to get answers to problems, and so I am turning to you.
Up until  a month ago when I accessed "", a certain display appeared. Within it was a section where one could enter the symbol of a stock, and several pieces of info would appear, eg current price, how much of a change from opening, etc. Furthermore, a cookie was apparently created such that the next time you accessed the site, updated information on that stock was displayed automatically. At home, I have one computer with WIN 98 and a second with WIN 7. I use a version of Firefox on the first and a version of Internet Explorer on the second. Recently, I have been unable to access the familiar display on the first computer. I enter "" as I always have, but now, after a slight delay, my request is "kidnapped", and now "" appears in the eddress bar, and an entirely different display is presented. While much of the same information expected in the sought after display is also presented, there is no apparent place for the stock information. The eddress SUGGESTS it is a legitimate Yahoo page, but could it be due to a virus or Trojan Horse? I have no idea what is going on. Furthermore, when I try to access it on the second computer, although the familiar format appears, the region where the stock information should appear simply displays two fat black horizontal bars which never spread to show the usual stock stuff. A trip to the local library's computer shows the normal display - so it is not a question of the program having been revised.
Any idea what this "" is, or what's going on?

Hi Dave,

Not sure why that would happen but it looks like you have been directed to the mobile website. It seems to be legit but you should only be directed to that website on a smartphone or tablet device.

This might be a bit drastic, but you can try deleting the cookies and history for one of the browsers to see if it helps. That should clear up the cache for them and start you fresh.

I don't think this is a browser hijack issue, but to be safe, make sure your antivirus and antimalware programs are up to date including any Windows security patches. You can also run their scans to see if anything is found.


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