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My wife uses a HP laptop with windows XP. Everything was working fine until this morning. When you boot up the computer all is ok, the desktop and all the icons are the size they always are. But when you go to the internet and her home webpage (Google) comes up the font is very small, tiny, you can hardly read Google. I tried other sites and everything is the same way. I don't know if she touched something that is causing this or what. I hope you can help us get back to normal size font. Thanks.

Hi David,

Hopefully this is just a simple issue with a quick resolution.

Are you using Internet Explorer? If so, open up that browser and then go to View > Zoom and see what it's currently set at. Select 100%.

If you are using Firefox, go to View > Zoom and select Reset.

One other thing you can try (whether or not you are using the above browsers or some other third party web browser), is to hold down the Ctrl key on your keyboard and scroll up on the wheel on your mouse (assuming it has one). This will allow you to zoom in (enlarge). Scroll down to zoom out (shrink everything).


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