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I frequent allexperts  and yahoo answers to ask questions because I have very few people in my life to bounce ideas off of. One thing that has happened to me quite often (and just happened recently)is that people will request that you provide a detailed question and include any relevant background in formation. Several times now (particularly in categories like family relations or psychology)I have included the detail I think is pertinent to my question. (after all how could one assess a question about mental health and well being without knowing the history? or similar for relation ship issues)and I have gotten responses back saying that this site and others like it is created for quick concise questions and mine are too long to answer.  But my questions aren't long at all, they're simple, such as "can I ask my MIL to stop buying my kids toys", it's just the detail provided about the history that's long. Why do they ask us to include detail if they don't really want it?

One of several reasons, Teg.  They don't understand the question, they don't want to take time to answer it, or some clarification would be helpful in giving a response.  Yes, you can tell any gift-giver to not buy toys for your children and not give a reason why.  I would.

Regards, Patrick  

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