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It's five beeps.  I'll be checking the RAMs when we get a little bit warmer weather. If the capacitors were shorted out, that should be pretty permanent, so I wouldn't expect the computer to work at all - yet it still ultimately has.

Here's another question. This is on my older computer with a Compaq FS7600 CRT monitor. I periodically get this blue window (see enclosed photo) in the middle of my screen. It's very erratic. I haven't seen it for many months, but recently it's back. It pops up for up to 5 seconds, then goes, then pops up again anywhere from a minute to 15 minutes later. It's only a minor inconvenience, but still - . The shapes on it all suggest something to do with the monitor, but other than that, I don't know what it is.

And another question. I'm hearing about a program called "" - which appears to address a problem I mentioned earlier regarding tracking cookies. Is this a legitimate deal, and is there any expense to downloading it?

Bad capacitors does not cause a computer to not work at all. I've seen cases where the computer freezes a lot. It all depends on which capacitors are bad in some cases.

Please re-attach the screenshot here. I don't see any photo in your post.

Do Not Track Plus seems legitimate. Saw some reviews on CNET for it as well. You can get it for your browser and I don't see any price tag for it.


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