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Late last month (Jan 23) I asked you about a hardware problem I was having with my a 2yr old Compaq Presario, WIN7, landline modem system. One problem arose on attempting to turn the computer on; instead of the normal blue colored illuminated buttons, I was seeing an "incandescent colored" illumination, which flashed on and off with a "beeping" sound. You asked me about the timing of the beeps, the length of the beeps, and any interruptions. Since the problem seemed to go away, I did not pursue it at the time, but now I am occasionally having it happen again. Based on your questions, I have paid more attention to the "structure" of the beeps. They occur at about 3 second intervals - as in a waltz step: beep - 2 - 3, beep- - 2 - 3, etc. Also, I now note that after the fifth beep there is a pause of a second or two, and then the beeping resumes, all the while the light keeps flashing in time with the beeps. After about ten cycles, the beep goes away, but the flashing continues at the same pace. I also now note that on the monitor, I am informed "No dvi signal". When the system is operating properly, I have seen this same box indicating that there IS a dvi signal. This problem occurs erratically. So far, I have been able to deal with it by just trying again later. Also, to terminate the blinking, I have to turn the computer off by holding the "On" button down for several seconds.
Your thoughts?

ANSWER: Hi Dave,

I don't understand the beep intervals. What do you mean by beep - 2- 3 and beep - - 2- 3? Do you mean one beep, pause, 2 beep pause, 3 beep pause and it continues the pattern? Are all of these quick/short beeps or long beeps?


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I was using a musical terminology, assuming you might play an instrument, or enjoy old-fashioned dancing to waltz time. Let me try a different description.
First there's a one second "beep", followed by two seconds of silence. Then again, a one second "beep" followed by two seconds of silence. This happens three more times. Then there's a three second silence. Then another round of five one second "beeps", each followed by two seconds of silence, and so on.
I have watched more closely the monitor window when the incandescent light goes on. It looks like this:

         DVI:   No Signal
         VGA:  No Signal

When the light is blue, and it's working, the monitor window looks like this:

         DVI:   Active
         VGA:  No Signal

Hope that helps.

Sorry. Unfortunately don't play any instruments although I wish I did :)

So are these all short beeps? For example "beep, beep, beep" longer pause "beep, beep, beep". If there are more than one beep together, label them as "beep beep, beep beep beep, beep" for 2 beeps, followed by 3 beeps and then 1 beep.


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