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AllExperts limits a thread to three successive questions and answers. We have run our first thread out, and so I had to start a new thread.
If we're agreed on what a "unit" is, let me abbreviate it as "U". So what I am getting is UUUUU. This is followed by a pause of three seconds. And then it repeats. The light always flashes on during the beep and off for the silence.
The beep lasts for about one second. Without any other beeps to compare it with, I don't know whether you would call that a short beep or a long beep; to me it seems short. I presume you know how long YOUR short beep would last and how long YOUR long beep would last.
In re-reading my initial Feb 14 e to you, I see where I had made a typographical error: "beep - 2 - 3, beep- - 2 - 3" had an extra unintended "-". It should have been: "beep - 2 - 3, beep - 2 - 3". Damn typo-check didn't catch that!! Sorry if that confused you.
So, is the pattern clear now?

ANSWER: You will notice if it's a longer beep. So most likely those are short beeps.

Still not clear. Just type it as you heard it. Is it like "beep, beep beep, beep" which means one beep, followed by 2 beeps followed by 3 beeps? Just to avoid this going over 3 threads again, if you want, you can try looking this up yourself:

You might want to see what kind of BIOS you have also to determine which section to look at. To find this, start up the computer and you should see somewhere on the screen that will ask you to press a certain key(s) to enter the BIOS (aka Setup). You should find the information there.


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: I'll buy short beeps.
What I hear is "beep          beep          beep          beep          beep" , followed by a pause, and then it repeats.
I'll let you work with that. Meanwhile, I'll check out your links.

ANSWER: Hi Dave,

Try the following suggestions at:

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

I tried your first "Computerhope" link. Distinguishing  between short and long beeps would be no problem: all long beeps come with at least one short beep, so the distinction would be obvious. So I must indeed have 5 short beeps. That first link says five beeps means "Process Failure" - whatever that means. Clicking on that gives me a whole list of possible problems to consider (it's essentially the same file I get when I use the second "Computerhope" link you just gave me). The early possible problems would be easy to address, while the later ones are starting to get a bit technical. One possibility was "Remove all USB Devices". I had been leaving my memory stick  attached so I took that out - but still had a problem. No surprise, since I'd had it work before with the stick in, and never had any problem when I left the stick in my old computer. The more complex suggestions seem less likely, since with repeated tries I can usually get things to work, and obviously the RAM hasn't suddenly reconnected itself or loose connections suddenly spontaneously fixed themselves. It IS frustrating that the computer had been fine for several years prior to this. I think the observation that the monitor says "No Signal" for the DVI when it's misbehaving, and "Active" when it's working is trying to tell us something.

So you did hear a combination of long and short beeps? Are they all single beeps or multiple beeps? If there are no pauses, it will be multiple beeps. Those all mean something different.

Let's try something else also:

- if you feel comfortable, open up the computer and and clear any dust build up inside. Do this outside the house and preferably with a can of compressed air to make things easier.

- reseat the RAM. Remove them and put them back in place.

- Check for any bad capacitors on the motherboard. They look like the following:


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