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Sorry about that!

ANSWER: It seems to be the monitor settings. Not sure why it would show up though randomly. Can you look at your monitor to see if there's a menu or settings button? If you see it, try pressing it to see if that same blue window shows up. Maybe the button was hit accidentally or it's stuck?


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Yesssss! There IS a menu button and pressing it DOES indeed bring up the blue window. However, it's too out of the way for any accidental pressing. Actually, it just did it now, so I PRESSED the menu button and - viola! - no blue window! It's random appearance remains a mystery.
I'll be looking into the other two issues. Remember - five short beeps.

Is the button loose in any way? Could just be that it's very sensitive and slight movement of the monitor had the button tap the sensor. Just a wild hunch. I would hit the button again if you see it or just leave it as is if it doesn't happen all the time. If it does occur every time you turn on the monitor, there might be a setting that's setting it to open by default.


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