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I have a 2008 laptop that's not wifi ready. It doesn't have wifi.

How do I get an internet connection on it, and what are all the things I need to connect to the internet on my laptop.

Thank you.


Kari, for now I'd stay away from wifi connect and getting a card for the laptop.  Probably most all new laptops come with a card, so unless someone in your house/family has a router to connect to the Internet, let's drop that for now...You need besides the computer, a phone line, modem and Internet Service Provider (ISP) which usually provides the modem.  You can use this to find an ISP:  You haven't given me much to go on and it sounds like I've probably done the same for you, but there are so many possibilities and you need to do some research on the topic.  My question for you is if you don't have Internet, how are you able to ask on but I'm sure there's an answer.  I'm here for more discussion, so have at it.  All the best!  Patrick  

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