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Even though I am a wiz on the computer I still need help with this

A month ago I was doing research on the computer and some sites came up. As I was on the web site I clicked on another site (legitimate site )came up and asked if I wanted to download it so I did.  It is a combination of and fromDoctoPDF.

Then today I found another site that is also my home page on the internet as well and I love it to, it is called homework simplified. And no you don't have to be in school to use it. And I love it as well, the only problem is  I don't know exactly where this site came from.

Is there any way I can find out what sites they are an how to download when and if I buy a new computer.

I want to keep these sites as my home page when I do buy a new computer.

Or is it automatic that these will be my home page when I get a new computer

If you are using Internet Explorer you can export your settings to a file and transfer that file to the new PC. When you go to a site, the address of that site (called a URL) appears in the address bar, so you can see it. You don't really download sites to your PC, you visit the sites by going to a URL.

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