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Is it ethical for a US citizen that lives in the United States to have an email account and or website located in a data center in Reykjavik Iceland, because that way the authorities in the United States canít access this? Is it ethical that uses an .IS domain name registered with an Icelandic domain register,because that way US court canít seize the domain name and interfere with his website and email account. Because all his activities are legal under Icelandic law, the authorities in Iceland will leave him alone. I am sending this email from an email account that has a .EU domain that is hosted in a data center in Reykjavik Iceland for the same reason. The US courts canít seize the .EU domain name, because is registrar by a foreign-based registrar not under any obligation to honor US court orders like VeriSign.

That's the best question I've had all week.

Is it ethical?  There's no way to answer that correctly, as the answer is relative to the askers moral code.  As the implications aren't declared, perhaps the better question is "Is it legal?"  And yes, it is.

I hope this helps - Ken

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