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I have a little Acer. When I type, the pointer/arrow thingy bounces all over the page. I can barely type one sentence without it bouncing elsewhere on the page so that I continually have to start over on a sentence. This problem makes typing a letter take much longer than it should. I've had this problem before with another laptop so it's not singled to just the one I have now. Can you suggest the best solution to fixing this problem? (but don't tell me to buy another computer please)

Due to this very problem, sometimes I mistakenly delete a site I'm currently using. How do I retrieve a webpage? I have windows 7. Pat,thanks so much for being there to help us beginners, it's much appreciated!

Hi, Christine!  Ya know when I was growing up we didn't have this kind of tech problem because we didn't have computers back then!!!  We also had to walk five miles to school in knee-high snow and...Never mind. I got sidetracked.  Life used to be easier.

This category is "Internet for beginners" and not "Hardware/software for dem", but I'll have a go at your jumpy cursor since it might make your Cyberspacing more enjoyable.

Here's what we'll do first.  Search on keywords: laptop cursor jumps. I'm betting you're not alone with this frustration.  If you don't find your solution with those hits, come back at me and we'll go from there.

I would NEVER tell someone to buy another computer.  My solution would be to trash them all and go back to #2 lead pencils and draw silly pictures and practice cursive writing.  

Forgive my feeble attempt at humor, but if you don't laugh, you're cursor will go whacko.

All the best!  Patrick.  

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