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QUESTION: Hello Kevin,

I have a Dell Inspiron N7110 laptop running Windows 7 and Firefox browser.  For months now I have been getting pop-ups saying that I need to download "Driver Tool", but I checked up on it and it costs $29.95 per year to subscribe to it.  It is on my software list.  I have done an internet search asking if it is a hoax and I'm getting mixed signals.  I don't know if I should uninstall this or not, so I'm not sure what to do.  My laptop is performing perfectly, so I'm not so sure another driver tool is necessary.  Do you know anything about this?  I don't really want to pay for additional software that I don't need.  What do you think I should do?   


ANSWER: Hi Gary,

It sounds like it could be spyware. Try using Malwarebytes' which has a free version:

Run a full scan on your laptop to see what it finds and remove/quarantine all the positive malware related files. Restart the laptop and see if that "driver tool" still shows up.


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I already had Malwarebytes downloaded but had not used it in almost 2 months.  And this Driver Tool thing has been going on for a lot longer.  I ran it and the only thing it found was 4 PUPs (potentially unwanted programs), which I removed.  I checked the Program list again and Driver Tool is still there.  I also have Spybot - Search and Destroy, which I also ran.  It found nothing. I try to remember to use these regularly but it had been awhile.  So what do you think my next move should be?  Do you think it's safe to go ahead and uninstall the driver tool?  It's not really a big problem with the pop-ups now and then, but if it is not needed I'd just as soon be rid of it.  


Yes, I don't see any good use for that software. Unless you really need to install some drivers, it seems to be installed by some other third party software or in the background without your knowledge. I'm surprised that neither of those anti-spyware programs caught. It could be benign, but just to be safe, uninstall it and see what happens. You can also use a temporary folder cleaning application like CCleaner to further clear out some items. Please be careful what you delete using that program since it has options to clear your browser cookies and other things that you may want to keep.


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