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Hi Pat,

I have high speed cable internet at home.
Last year my cousin gave the family a cisco linksys e900 router plus a special black box which is used to watch Hong Kong programming via wifi. The box is attached to the tv in the kitchen. The internet reception is bad whenever the microwave oven turned on.

To solve this problem, I wanted to get a new router. My friend disagrees. He said the problem really lies in the download speed of our internet. He said unless we're serious gamers who wander the home plus two (ore more) people are using the internet (via wifi), a new router will not be necessary. His theory is that the box already consumes most of the download speed. He said we really should be looking at our internet subscription package.

Who is correct?

Dave, I'd say you both are plus other factors.  You don't say where the router is.  I assume it's in another room with the black box at the tv which is probably near the microwave and that certainly would affect the wifi signal when on.  First thing I'd do is experiment with the router settings.  You'll have to research that.  Maybe just changing the router channel would help?  Also, does your friend or someone else have a better router you could experiment with before upgrading yours?  Getting a higher Internet speed would help, but probably wouldn't stop the interference.  Try this for starters.  Search on keywords: wifi microwave interference channel.  Also search on: (router model) settings.  Another experiment would be to take your router and box to your friend's place and test.  Let me know how it goes and if I can help more.  Regards, Patrick  

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