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I feel silly not being able to figure this out. I recently changed to a desktop computer as my old laptop died. Now when I go into my yahoo mail I'm seeing a plain white different formatting. I used to have the option of a colored background and to be able to move & save emails into my folders, but I don't see them anywhere. I don't even see buttons to check spam, trash, nothing! The only button that works is to delete an email. Hopefully you know how I can get this changed & get back my saved folders!

Chris, don't feel silly!  Happens to the best of ME.  Since I don't use Yahoo other than to answer AllExperts questions, I had to go to my resident expert, my wife, who uses Yahoo as her main email. She hasn't a clue.  Gheez!  So don't feel silly in the least.  She suggested deleting the account and adding it again on the desktop.  Then this:
or check to see if they have the "gear wheel" in top right -  under that, is "themes"  , which appears to be able to change backgrounds,  and "settings" ... under settings for mail version,  there are two choices "full featured" and "basic".  If that doesn't get you back working right, let me know and I'll go at this other ways if you provide details.  Regards, Patrick  

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