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Hi Anna. This is my first year having a Youtube channel through Google. I don't upload or make videos but I do add & save videos that I like on my channel to watch again later. I also comment on other people's videos. I recently got a 2 week suspension from Google but I can't find out why! I have asked them 2 times what I did wrong but don't get any specifics back from them, just a response saying I violated their policy. Since I don't leave hate remarks, bully or write anything vulgar, the only thing I can think it may have been from would fall under the term spamming. You see the suspension came the day I repeated an url to a patriot song on a number of different videos. I had copied the song's url 9 times to other Youtube videos cause I wanted to share it. Is that considered spamming? How many is too many times to repeat an url? What if I write the same comment but don't include an url? I'm confused I don't want to loose my channel because I like sharing things with others. what's wrong with that? Thank you for your help.

Hi Tina,

Sorry about that. Under Youtube's terms it was spamming. I don't think there's actually a specific number of times; if Youtube "sees" something copied multiple times on different videos (or even the same video), it automatically considers it spamming, no matter the message.

Spamming is usually considered bad/annoying, because it takes up space with comments that may not be relevant to the video. If your account does get suspended, you can create another one, but I don't think that's good given the playlists you want to keep!

Hope that helps!

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