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My library now offers e books. I dont know anything about them or e readers. I believe Kindle is one type? I was thinking of buying one. Would you mind giving me a brief tutorial about the subject? Thank you so much, have a great and safe summer!

Not sure if I'm the best person but I'll give it a shot.

E-Books come in several formats. Some e-readers can read multiple formats others are more limited. So I would talk to your librarians and see what they recommend.

A reader can be either a device or software that you can run on any computing device. There are readers for smartphones, tablets and PCs. Most reader software comes with a store where you can download the books to your device. The software manages your library of books. Basically you recall a book and view it on your screen. There are different methods for turning the pages. The software remembers where you were in the book so no need for bookmarks or dog-earing. You can carry several books in a small package. You can adjust font size for easier reading.

My suggestion would be, after talking with the librarians to go to a local electronics store and asking for their input.


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